My Thoughts:

It is time that we find a way to match Displaced American Software Developers of all races and those businesses that believe we should hire Americans in America, together.

I believe the American people have told us that they have had enough with companies destroying the future of American Citizens by (a) sending their jobs to other countries and (b) importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs, when they elected Donald Trump.

This gives us an opportunity that we have not had for over a decade

My primary goal is to arrange the meeting so that I can ensure we are doing what we say we will do as nothing ticks me off worse than telling somebody we have their back and then turning our back on them.

My secondary goal is we need to assemble a team of workers and investors that can go after the government contracts in all states, counties, cities and even our country because I believe it is immoral for our government administrators to use the tax money that we paid to take care of Americans and America, to hire companies that refuse to hire Americans in America.



What we need is our own consulting companies, say one that would not only give preference for Americans, but veterans as well.  And provide training… possibly even to receive some sort of federal assistance therefore.  Companies don’t like to train, because they then have to pay the people better, and treat them better, but the truth is, people you train are intrinsically better than those others have trained with indeterminite results.


Don’t stop at software. President-Elect Trump promised to apply high tariffs & taxes to all foreign made products to bring manufacturing (hardware & software) back to the USA. At one time every little city in the South and Midwest had a shirt factory or a silk mill or a paper mill or a (fill in the blank). If America is going to be great again we need to bring everything hardware and software back to USA. Put ALL our people back to work. The world is a safer place when the US Economy is strong and not dependent on borrowing to stay afloat. Some will call us “isolationists” but that’s a made up label. We don’t begrudge other countries anything we simply believe in America that Americans should come first. Only after we’ve assured that a position cannot be filled by a qualified American should we look abroad.


And stay open for other opportunities as well. Before my friend had to close her business due to COPD, there were some issues with her AC unit. It was rather a dumb, old unit, and I was starting to make plans to take a Raspberry Pi and drive some SCR’s to automate the thing off her business computer network using a web interface to an Apache web server on the tiny PC card. I’m not big on making the UI terribly pretty, but I could have made it functional. A background in electronics can be a dangerous thing! Just sayin..